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Clearwater Plumbing & Heating install Boilers in Chafford Hundred and Essex. We have fitted hundreds over the past 25+ years.

We have a highly experienced team of gas safe registered engineers who'll provide a first-class Boiler installation for your home.

A professional fitting ensures your new Boiler runs at maximal efficiency, so you get the best value for money from your energy spend, satisfaction guaranteed with a warmer, cosier feeling at home and lower fuel bills.

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Is It Time For A New Boiler?

Boilers account for up to 60% of a typical households energy bill. It’s important that your Boiler’s energy-efficient and isn’t wasting fuel. The older a Boiler becomes its efficiency declines. Even Boilers that are serviced regularly will suffer a drop in energy efficiency as they age.

Modern condensing Boilers are very efficient, utilising a design that captures escaping heat from the flue and recycling it to heat water and run at between 90-99% efficiency.

Older Boilers are nowhere near as efficient. Tests have shown some run as low as 55% efficiency.

For every £1 spent in energy, 45 pence is wasted over a year. That’s a significant sum that could be put towards a new Boiler.

If your Boilers over nine years old and/or your experiencing trouble with it, then it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Benefits Of A New Boiler

You start saving money on the first day after installation. A new Boiler installation can save the average home up to £340 per year.

New Boilers don’t break down. Old boilers can fail at any time, especially in winter when their running non stop at full capacity. Also, it’s not always possible to repair them because some parts are no longer available for old Boilers.

A new Boiler installation can create additional storage space, especially if you have the hot water cylinder removed. Modern Boilers and central heating components take up less space than older models.

Modern energy-efficient Boilers not only save you money but also lower your carbon footprint making your home greener and more environmentally friendly.

If you’re selling your home and have an old Boiler, it’ll show on a survey, and the buyer could use it to bring down the price. In comparison, a new boiler is attractive to home buyers.

The Boilers Clearwater Plumbing & Heating Install

Our Gas Safe Registered engineers install all types (gas, electric and oil) and all makes of Combination, System and Regular Boilers.

Combination Boilers heat hot water instantly and don’t require water tanks or cylinders—the ultimate in space-saving design and the first choice for small to medium-sized homes.

System Boilers have all the essential components built-in (as do combi Boilers) but utilise a hot water storage cylinder so larger households can serve more than one hot tap/shower at a time. System Boilers are fitted in medium to larger sized homes.

Regular Boilers include a hot water cylinder and water tanks to supply a large and continuous volume of hot water. Regular Boilers are fitted in the largest of properties and homes with an existing Regular system (common in older homes)

What Boiler Is Best For You?

We offer free Boiler surveys where an experienced engineer will visit your home and help you choose the best Boiler for your heating and hot water needs, and budget a free no-obligation quote will be written for you also.

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