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Clearwater Plumbing & Heating design, install and upgrade Bathrooms in Tilbury.

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We can upgrade your existing Bathroom or strip out and build you a brand new bathroom from scratch.
Here’s what goes into building a typical Bathroom.

Bathroom Styles

The Bathroom style ids the overall look of the Bathroom. Many designs are possible, ranging from traditional to ultra-modern. The Bathroom style’s created by careful selection of the suite, fittings, tiles, flooring etc. There’s a vast range of materials available, making any style of Bathroom possible.

Bathroom Suites

The bathroom suite consists of the basin, bath, toilet and shower enclosure. Suites are matching and are usually rounded with prominent features (traditional style) or square with sharp edges (modern style) Most suites are white, but other colours are available for particular styles of Bathroom.


The standard bath is acrylic with a panel. Shower baths are larger, including a built-in screen with a larger area for showering at one end. Freestanding baths have become extremely popular in recent years and work with most Bathroom types.

There are walk-in baths that feature a door for the elderly and disabled, so no climbing in is necessary. Baths are available in various shapes and lengths to accommodate all spaces.


Basins come in various sizes and shapes to work with any space. Examples include standard pedestal, stand-mounted and countertop basins.


Standard close coupled toilets have the cistern attached to the toilet bowl, back to the wall toilets where the cisterns hidden inside a wall are prevalent in modern bathrooms. High cistern toilets work well in traditional victorian style bathrooms. Other toilet designs are available for specific applications.


Showers feature in most bathrooms we fit, above the bath or in an enclosure. All shower types are included digital, eco, electric, mixer, power and thermostatic.

Flooring & Walls

The bathroom flooring and walls set your Bathroom’s overall look and feel. Tiles are the most popular choice for both as they’re extremely hard wearing, look great and are available in an endless range of colours, shapes and textures.

Waterproof bathroom panels can be fitted around the bath and shower areas, an easy and quick to fit alternative to tiles. Vinyl is a convenient alternative to floor tiles. If you want something with better non-slip characteristics, then rubber flooring’s an option. Treated wood can be installed on bathroom floors and in places on the walls.


Bathroom furniture’s available in a huge range of colours, sizes and materials that’ll complement the design of your Bathroom. So you can add storage and have built-in toilets and basins if necessary.


A radiator can be picked and fitted to match your Bathroom’s design. Column radiators work well in traditional style bathrooms while verticle radiators work well in modern style.

Underfloor heating works in conjunction with radiators or allows radiators to be removed completely. Underfloor heating feels lovely underfoot when you step out of the bath and shower—a desirable addition to most Bathrooms.

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