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New bathroom installations are designed and built by experienced bathroom installers well versed in plumbing, heating, tiling and electrical work.

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We have other experienced tradesmen on hand who we can bring in to do other necessary work when building your bathroom. The bathroom’s meticulously planned, our designer will go through your needs, wants, tastes and preferences, so we can build the exact bathroom you want. Bathrooms consist of many different parts which include suites, flooring, wall materials, taps, showers, storage, lighting, heating and more. If you’re unsure about anything, our bathroom fitter will answer all your questions and go through what’s possible.

Heating and lighting are significant, setting the ambience and comfort of your bathroom. The correct heating and wiring for the lighting can be fitted at the start before the flooring, walls and suite. Underfloor heating combined with a heated towel rail is a prevalent combination. When you step out of the bath or shower, it’s onto a warm floor and warm towels to hand. The bathroom lighting is made to work with the style and colour of your bathroom. Many styles of a bathroom can be created, which include traditional, modern, victorian and lots more.

A range of bathroom suites from different manufacturers is available. Most suites fall into the traditional looking or modern category. Traditional suites are rounded, some have feature edges, these suites work well in older traditional looking homes. Modern suites are more minimal and generally squarer, working well in newer homes with modern decor. Specialist suites can be obtained for those who want something really special. Modern free-standing concrete or copper baths are an example.

Whatever style fo bathroom and suite you choose accompanying taps, fixtures and fittings are matched to compliment your bathroom. Traditional style bathrooms can use single pillar taps for an authentic ‘victorian’ look while square monobloc taps work with modern style bathrooms. Most modern bathrooms incorporate a shower. Smaller bathrooms will have a shower above the bath while larger bathrooms will have their own shower enclosure. We fit all types of that work with your hot water supply such as mixer and power showers along with electric showers which heat cold water instantly.

Bathroom flooring retains heat, is non-slip and most important of all waterproof. The flooring you choose will depend on the style of bathroom you opt for. We can fit tiles, vinyl, rubber, concrete and in some circumstances engineered wood. Bathroom walls are waterproof around shower and bath areas; they don’t need to be in other areas but still must resist condensation. Tiles are favoured for bathroom walls. Acrylic or PVC is another, cheaper and easier to fit than tiles. Other areas of the bathroom walls can be painted or even covered in treated wood, which suites certain styles of bathroom.

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